Sky high inspection standards

Aircraft on ground (AOG) is hazardous for safety and bad for business. Every kind of damage requires a visual inspection of your aircraft. Possible damage caused by bird, lightning or hail costs precious time and money. Your first goal is to know as soon as possible when your aircraft is airworthy again. So, what is required to accomplish this?

While innovation is everywhere; most visual inspections are still the same as 40 years ago. This old-fashioned way of working is taking unnecessary time, while access to upper areas is challenging, limited by weather conditions and the availability of necessary equipment.

Robotic inspection

Invert Robotics is changing the game for the future decades! Our climbing robot enables your team to perform the required inspections on a whole new level. We work faster, from a safe location, under different weather conditions and without the need for hangars or height access equipment.

Our crawler is suited to General Visual (GVI) and Detailed Visual (DET) Inspections. Why not get in touch and request a demonstration to experience yourself what our crawler can achieve for you?


4 step process

Way of Working


Determine Inspection Programme

Starting with innovation was never this easy. Request your own on-site training for a day and learn how to work with our robot. You can quickly set-up, perform the necessary inspection and generate required reports immediately. Experienced engineers will not only train you. They will also be available for further support in the future. One team, one goal.


Top of the bill

Your own engineer, mechanic or technician sets up the equipment of the crawler by plugging in the power cable to either ground or avionics supply. The system will be up and running in minutes. The portability of the equipment makes it easy to perform inspections at or near departure gates. Our robot is also easy to carry-on. The robotic crawler is transportable as checked baggage – a helpful feature in case you need to inspect your aircraft in distant locations.


Your eyes. Everywhere.

Inspecting vital constructions becomes so much more effective. Your people stay safely on the ground or in the aircraft and remotely control the crawler as it travels over the airframe. The system is particularly suited to GVI and DVI inspection of upper surfaces following lightning or bird strikes and hail damage.


Data, Results and Reports

Learn from the data by generating reports and electronically filing them. You can record defects during the inspection and the system generates an automated digital report for subsequent review, approval and filing. Reports can be readily and securely shared to remote experts as required.

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