Remote Visual Inspection

Safer industrial inspections

Your vessels are susceptible to wear and tear, fortunately not a common occurrence, but it does happen. High temperatures and caustic cleaning chemicals create patterns of thermal cycling. This causes defects and cracks to develop near welds inside the equipment. Of course, you don’t want to leave these defects unattended or create an inhuman work environment.

Use our remote visual inspections instead. The robot identifies all kinds of defects, such as cracks, pitting, incomplete cleaning and assists you in mitigating risks that arise from them. Its maneouverability means it can inspect all internal surfaces of your equipment, including looking accurately into pipework and ducting.

Robotic inspection

It can even complete inspections hanging upside down. This provides you with a safe, fast and repeatable way of ensuring your equipment is free from any defects, while we minimise production downtime.

Our highly skilled inspectors and our inspection process ensures comprehensive and consistent service delivery every time.

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Services we provide


Ultrasonic Testing

Our robot measures the remaining wall thickness of a wide range of your assets.

Instant Repair Service

Detecting a problem is one thing, solving it is everything. That’s why we immediately take care of necessary repair works as identified in the inspection. Did we already tell you that we’ll never let you down?

Tailored Team work

Let us introduce you to our Rapid Response Team; specialists who are passionate in developing tailor-made solutions. We work for leading worldwide companies and specialise in being reactive and proactive with a fast turnaround.

Sustainable leasing

Leasing is the new possession. Professional users of inspection equipment, both plant owners and inspection companies, can take advantage of leasing our robot and let us train your staff in their use. Welcome to the new world.