Custom Development

Collaborate and innovate

Every client is unique, but some come with very specific questions. Challenges that cannot be solved with a conventional solution. We don’t mind this, because we offer custom robotic solutions, tailored to achieve your unique goals and made by our process-driven R&D teams. To be honest; we love to challenge them (and they love a challenge) to find efficient and cost-efficient solutions for your specific needs in safety, production, efficiency, maintenance and quality.

Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection Services

Creation to realisation



We identify your problems and develop a custom made solution. We start by identifying your unique challenges, setting deliverables and requirements.



The extent of your resources is an important variable. When budgets are aligned, our team will check if the idea is feasible with the current technology that is available.



The custom robotic inspection system is developed by a team of mechatronics and robotics experts. They will test and re-test every new robotic solution, both off-site and on-site.



Based on the test results, the robotic inspection system will be optimized for use. Your tailor made robotic solution will be launched and is immediately ready to use.


Multiple redundant adhesion systems make the system safe at all times, even during power loss.


The system can be readily transported as air freight. This will minimise costs and increase speed.


The system is controlled remotely from a safe location. Eliminating all hazards to the operator.


While the world is changing rapidly, you’ll get the same inspection each and every time with our robot.

Services we provide

Remote Visual Inspection

Ultrasonic Testing

Tailored Services