Our clients share the same goal: to safeguard employee health while maintaining asset integrity. Yet, assets and inspection requirements vary widely. It’s why we’ve made our ​robotic platforms​ uniquely versatile.

Regular inspections are necessary to ensure the safety and efficiency of your plant. And as safety organizations like EMUA in Europe and API in the US specify mandatory inspections, requirements regarding inspection accuracy, repeatability and data quality are becoming increasingly stringent.

Our customizable, state-of-the-art NDT technologies help engineers perform inspections efficiently and accurately, in a way that meets even the toughest regulations and compliance requirements.

Boasting a payload capacity of 5 kg, our robotic platforms can be fitted with the advanced testing or sensor technology of your choice. Whatever your asset inspection needs, we’ll fit our robot crawler with the payload tooling that fully fits your inspection specs.

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With 30x optical zoom, sub-millimetre accurate sizing, full photo and video recording options and sitting on our robust robotic platform, the remote inspection camera detects all defects or cracks, whatever the angle. Even those defects that are as small as 65 microns.

Better than the human eye, our visual testing solution meets all visual inspection certification standards.


Add advanced UT testing tools to our robots. Use this NDT inspection technology for thickness measurements, B-scans, weld inspection and the efficient grid mapping of large areas.

Meet all requirements regarding repeatability and data quality, applying accurate line scans on the floor, wall or ceiling of your vessel. Our highly manoeuvrable robot can place the probes anywhere you want. In the future, automated corrosion mapping will be included in our UT capabilities.

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Clients the world over in food production, chemical, pharmaceutical and energy industries use PEC and ET/EC technologies on our robotic platforms to successfully detect and localize surface and near-surface defects, material and coating thickness measurements, as well as corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Using these NDT technologies, our robotic platforms make the inspection of ferrous or non-ferrous insulated tanks, pipes and vessels safe and easy.


Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection Services

Innovative NDT 2D scanning technology is used for detecting and sizing corrosion, denting, scratches or for pitting.

Using a 2D high-resolution scanner, we use the mobility of the robot and its encoders, to generate a 3D surface profile. Comprehensive 3D visualization of internal and external surfaces provides you with highly accurate and repeatable results.


Specifically designed for painted, glass-lined or coated pipes and vessels, high and low voltage spark testing is a highly accurate NDT technology. Our robust robotic platforms can carry a spark testing tool for detecting defects or potential asset integrity issues in the coating or lining of your equipment, including:
Interested to find out how our robotic platforms
can make inspecting your critical assets safer, better and faster?
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