Unbeatable tracks

Our robot can go anywhere! It goes smoothly on any smooth surface and delivers super-fast and precise 360-degree diagnostics. Trust these unique inspections of your entire equipment.

The advanced sliding suction cup technology enables our robot to stick to your non-magnetic surfaces. Its maneouverability means it can inspect all internal surfaces of your equipment, including looking accurately into pipework and ducting. It can even complete inspections hanging upside down.

Suction Based Crawler

Magnetic Crawler

Hybrid Crawler

Technical specifications of our robotic crawler




Suction system


Multiple redundant adhesion systems make the system safe at all times, even during power loss.


The system can be readily transported as air freight. This will minimise costs and increase speed.


The system is controlled remotely from a safe location. Eliminating all hazards to the operator.


While the world is changing rapidly, you’ll get the same inspection each and every time with our robot.

Services we provide

Remote Visual Inspection

Ultrasonic Testing

Tailored Services