Visual inspection of stainless-steel reaction vessels using vacuum crawler

Certification of pressure reaction vessels the safe and fast way: using inspection robots!

Our client, a German-based chemical plant that manufactures synthetic resins is part of a global chemical giant. The facility in Germany specializes in batch production of over 200 different products.

Numerous reaction vessel lines make this possible. Making sure that these vessels are all complaint with both European directive EN 13445, as well as to the German code AD 2000, is the regular job of the inspection company. In this case, the company is also the Notified Body.

Meeting all legal requirements

An internal visual inspection of the pressure reaction vessels is required to meet exacting legal standards. Invert Robotics’ HD camera system easily meets and exceeds all these requirements and has been tested and validated by both inspection companies and notified bodies.

Reason why this client used our robotic crawler for the third year running to inspect its high-performance assets efficiently and safely.

Información Técnica

  • Vessel type Pressure reaction vessel
  • Vessel size Ø2 m
  • Vessel material Stainless steel
  • Robot platform V1800
  • NDT Full HD @ 30fps

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