Efficient and effective asset inspections through knowledge sharing

Reducing costs while increasing efficiency, effectiveness and safety of asset inspections are top priorities for asset owners and maintenance managers. It’s why we at Invert Robotics partner with leading inspection companies to offer the best and most fitting inspection technologies for all asset inspections.

Robotic solutions offer superiority to drone technology during inspection of wind turbines

Recently, an inspection company specialized in drone inspections was asked to try out their drone technology for coating measurements of newly produced wind turbines. The turbines had to be inspected in the production hall for fitness for service.

Unfortunately, drone technology was unable to provide the complete data, largely due to the limited space for the drone to fly in. So, the drone inspection company invited us to carry out a trial using our robotic platform. Working under their name, we used a UT probe on our robotic platform to measure coating thickness.

The trial pointed out that, although the robotic platform as such fit the bill completely, the UT technology did not. Next step has been to fit the UT probe deployed on the drone – that was able to measure coating thickness as required by the client – on to our robotic platform. By combining and building on each other’s know-how and innovative technology, this partnership ensures end-clients can count on asset inspection technologies that fully fit their specific asset maintenance needs.

Complete inspection services – whatever the challenge

Drones, robots, industrial rope access: whatever the technology used for asset inspections, key is that the chosen solution provides the sought after testing, verification and if needed certification options.

We know there isn’t a single inspection technology or method that fits all asset inspection requirements. Depending on the type of industry, the asset and the asset’s environment a choice must be made for the most efficient and effective inspection method. It’s why we partner with inspection companies so that they can offer clients inspection technologies that meet their needs.

Partnering for mutual success

For us, a successful partnership equals true added value to all partners. At Invert Robotics, this means that this partner can now deploy our innovative and unique robotic technology. In doing so they offer value added inspection services to their clients, thereby boosting their competitive position as service provider.

Going even one step further, we collaborate closely with partners to determine in detail if –and when – our robotic technology fits the bill or how we can add new tools to obtain the required inspection data. At the end of the day, it also means that we can show – not tell – to even more clients that our robotic platform is the go to technology for safer, better and faster asset inspections.

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Technische informatie

  • Vessel type
  • Vessel size 10m
  • Vessel material Carbon steel
  • Robot platform H2200
  • NDT Coating thickness measurement
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