Invert Robotics to create 25 jobs at new Dublin HQ

Invert Robotics, which just secured €3.5m in funding, is relocating its headquarters from New Zealand to Ireland.

Robotic inspection company Invert Robotics has chosen Dublin for its new global headquarters. The company, founded in New Zealand, will create an R&D team in Ireland and hire 25 new staff over the next three years.

The announcement comes after the company recently secured €3.5m in funding to drive its European and North American growth. The Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) is an indirect investor in Invert Robotics through its investment in Finistere Ventures, which is a backer of the robotics company.

This was the company’s first fundraising since relocating to Ireland and it said that support from ISIF was a “key factor” in its decision to move here from New Zealand.

Invert Robotics will be hiring for professionals across data science and business development. New recruits will support the company’s continued development of machine learning and data analysis capabilities.

It provides services to international clients across food production, aerospace, pharma, chemistry and energy. Companies in these industries must often interact with hazardous environments or toxic materials, and Invert Robotics aims to help make their work more precise, efficient and safe through its robotic technologies.

The company has offices in New Zealand, the Netherlands, Australia, France, Germany and the US.

It said it chose Ireland for its new headquarters because of its highly skilled talent pool, access to European funding opportunities and enterprise links with the US. Its managing director, Neil Fletcher, added that Ireland is a supportive environment for fast-scaling businesses.

“We’re delighted to establish a new global headquarters in Dublin for our expanding business,” Fletcher said. “We very much look forward to tapping into the local talent pool as we build out our technical capabilities.

“Moving a business to a new country across the other side of the world is a complex process but our professional advisers in Ireland, our local banking partner and a host of other supporting organisations – including the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund – made our experience seamless.

“Our solution is the future of high-value asset maintenance as our climbing robots can go where other robots cannot and people should not. We are currently in the process of developing and optimising our supporting AI platform, which will accelerate our growth and reinforce our position as the global innovator and leader in this space.”


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