Enhancing asset inspection technology – new partnership with Nexxis

Unique suction technology developed by Invert Robotics makes it possible to conduct asset integrity inspections by our robotic crawlers on non-ferromagnetic surfaces. Now, a new partnership between the expert global robotic company Nexxis and Invert Robotics makes this innovative technology readily available to industries around the world.

Safer, faster and smarter also on non-magnetic surfaces

Already much used for managing hazardous area and confined space inspection of vessels in the food production, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, Invert Robotics’ crawlers offer safer, faster and smarter NDT inspection options.

As industry is increasing its focus on robotic inspections as the go-to technology for Asset Integrity Management (AIM), Invert Robotics now brings the possibility to use robotic crawlers on non-ferrous surfaces as well.

Originally developed for inspecting stainless steel vessels in the dairy industry, Invert’s suction technology is widely applied in the Food Production industry. Without the need for plant shutdowns, the time-consuming installation of scaffolding, or for human entry into confined spaces, this robotics inspection method offers reliable and repeatable data on which customers can base their maintenance decisions.

One-stop-shop for asset inspection equipment

Invert Robotics’ Chief Revenue Officer Joop Janssen said Nexxis was globally renowned for its expertise in the provision and support of industrial robotic solutions.

“Nexxis has significant experience developing robotic solutions focused on delivering customised outcomes to help industries achieve better results. We are delighted to be able to leverage that expertise,” he said.

The Company has a track record of providing high level technical expertise but is also known for its dedicated training and support divisions to ensure successful client outcomes.

Providing end-to-end solutions for its clients, Nexxis supports a variety of industries with integrated sensor technology and solid financial structures such as rental leasing and sales.

Their extensive support and engineering solutions make Nexxis the go-to company for asset owners, as well as inspection service companies.

Under the partnership, Nexxis will provide a range of Invert Robotics platforms to cater for different sized assets and applications but will also use its expertise and engineering capabilities to tailor the platforms to specific customer needs.

‘We are particularly enthusiastic about Invert Robotics’ hybrid crawler, the H2200. The technology they use is unique,” Nexxis Founding CEO Jason De Silveira explained.

It offers a safe and cost-effective alternative for clients across multiple surface types. In particular, it enables us to bring many different inspection technologies to areas previously inaccessible by robotics crawlers.

“We are excited to be collaborating with Invert Robotics to deliver outcomes that many industries are seeking and ensuring the platforms can be adapted to support our clients and their needs.

“The technology will assist industries in overcoming safety, productivity, accuracy and efficiency issues.”

Partnering to enable value-adding services

With offices in Perth, Singapore and Houston, Nexxis provides value-adding services to clients in these regions and further afield. The Company has many years of engineering expertise that ensures clients can rely on great support services when they buy, lease or rent any one of our crawler platforms.

In addition, Nexxis is renowned for developing ground-breaking, custom-built NDT tooling for on our robotic crawlers, Mr Janssen proudly explained.

‘Such customised crawlers will bring clients the inspection tooling that fully fulfils their requirements,” he said.

“Looking to the future, we’re particularly excited about working in partnership with Nexxis. Their team’s industry know-how will help us drive new robotic crawler technologies in answer to industry needs.”

If you would like to see Invert Robotics’ ground-breaking robotic inspection technology in action, please contact either info@invertrobotics.com or admin@nexxis.com.au.

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