Remote visual & UT inspection of a small 60-cm diameter pump vessel

No need for hazardous human entry into a pump vessel! Invert Robotics’ robotic crawler enables safe remote inspections.

The inspection of this, anchored in concrete, stainless steel pump vessel with a 60 cm diameter required some adaptations to our regular inspection tools. Our robot would not be able to navigate this small vessel. However, by attaching the camera system and Olympus 38DL UT probe on a stable pole, it was possible to perform both inspections remotely.

The UT inspection included four B-scans in all four wind directions. For this vessel, it was not just important to understand the surface condition, but also the condition of the nozzles.

The combination of remote visual and remote UT inspection created a clear image of the condition of the pump vessel and saved the customer much time and effort by not requiring it to be taken out of place or having an inspector entering a confined space headfirst.

Informations Techniques

  • Vessel type Pump vessel
  • Vessel size Ø0.6 m
  • Vessel material Fiberglass reinforced polyester
  • Robot platform Custom Built
  • NDT Visual and UTT

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