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Invert’s mobile climbing robots provide an industrial inspection service with unprecedented levels of safety, accuracy and speed. With the use of high definition cameras and other sensor technology, the robots detect cracks, defects and malfunctioning components that can be missed by the human eye.

In addition, the remotely operated robots eliminate many of the health and safety risks associated with traditional inspection methods.  Operators and inspectors remain safely on the ground outside of any confined spaces at all times.

Invert’s service is independent of repair work, allowing clients to determine the method and urgency of repairs whilst also offering to manage third party repair contractors as the client chooses.

Our Technology

Invert ‘s patented mobile climbing robots use advanced sliding suction cup technology enabling robotic inspection of non-ferromagnetic surfaces for the first time.

Installed with high definition cameras and sensor technology, Invert’s robots can assess the surfaces of equipment for defects such as pits and cracks, whilst also recording the location and size of these defects.

Inspectors are fed real-time video during the inspection and are able to identify and classify defects from a safe distance outside the vessel. Additionally, maintenance staff from the customer can see defects and other issues in real-time, allowing repair assessment like never before and putting the decision back in its rightful place.

Initial results are instantaneous and a full assessment report is provided within 72 hours.

Our Industries

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What We Offer

Visual Inspection
Ultrasonic Crack Testing
Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
Thermographic Testing
Eddy Current Testing
Weld Repair


Invert ServicesRope AccessScaffoldingHead Height Only
Coverage>99%>90%>99%<10% average
SafetyMinimised hazardsConfided space and working at heightConfided space and working at heightConfined space
VersatilityApplicable to a wide range of assetsOnly suitable in assets with specific accessOnly applicable in assets >2m diameterOnly suitable in assets with specific access
SpeedSet-up and test in 2 hoursSet up 6+hours, test in 2 hoursErection of scaffold takes several hoursTest of vessel base only within 1 hour
Risk of damage to equipmentLowLowHighLow
Ability to repair ImmediatelyYes, using third party contractorYes - either using staff or contractorYes - either using staff or contractorYes - either using staff or contractor
Inspection MethodVisualVisual + scannerVisual + scannerDye Penetrant

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