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Product quality and food safety are top priorities in your industry. Defects or the finest crack in your production assets can pose considerable product quality risks.

The patented vacuum crawler technology featured in our ​V-, M- and H-series robotic platforms​, helps you identify and track even the smallest defects. The technical integrity of your equipment is guaranteed thanks to advanced, NDT inspection technology​.

With a setup time that is significantly shorter than when using traditional inspection methods, our robotic inspections are faster. Your production will be up and running again quickly.

Create a significantly safer working environment: the robots are remotely operated so there is no need for inspectors to enter confined spaces. Whatever size tank, spray dryer, boiler, silo or vessel, our highly manoeuvrable robots climb on all smooth ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces.

Robotic inspection

How our robotic platforms boost
productivity and safety in the food industry

Lower costs and improved safety

No need for scaffolding means less costs. And no working at heights. With no scaffolding there is no risk of dents, scratches or other damage to the vulnerable surface of food production equipment. Most importantly, there is no need for human entry into confined spaces, thereby significantly boosting worker safety.

Comprehensive insights into even
the smallest defects

Thanks to the high definition ​30x optical zoom camera,​ our robots can detect and precisely localize defects as small as 65 microns that are invisible to the naked eye. ​Scan and size​ the exact dimensions of any defects, including pitting and cracks. Or measure wall thickness using the ​UT probe​.

Highly accurate and high
turnaround time

Any defects are marked by the robot and reported real-time. If required, our ​repair team​ can carry out instant repairs. The robot moves to the next asset as the repairs get carried out. This highly efficient system minimizes downtime while increasing the accuracy of repairs.

Improve production reliability

Extend the life cycle of resources and optimize your equipment performance. Use the ​data​ from the robotic inspection for better maintenance planning. Accurate localization enables follow-up inspections of wear and tear to sustain asset operations over time.


Keeping the spray dryers
in perfect condition


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3 step process

The 3 steps in robotic asset inspections


Inspection engineer and plant manager /operator decide on what ​NDT technology​ is needed for inspection of your assets. The robot is fitted with the required Industry-compliant inspection technology


Multi-tech crawler robot (attached to an umbilical cord) enters confined space or scales an asset’s surface for inspection.


Real-time viewing by inspection engineer of inspection findings for immediate action. Highly accurate localization and marking of defects for follow-up. Full digital report provides a clear insight into asset health.

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