The integrity of your equipment is of paramount importance. Major pharmaceutical companies worldwide rely on our robotic multi-technology platforms in the knowledge that their asset inspections results are reliable, repeatable and meet legislative standards, including FDA, EMA and TGA standards.

Combining safety, efficiency and accuracy our ​V-, M- and H-series robotic platforms​ can be customized with the NDT testing or sensor solution that fits your goals. Whether it is to detect corrosion or stress fractures, to conduct wear analysis, reverse engineering or apply solid modelling. Our inspection processes are made-to-measure to digitally capture the condition of your physical assets.

Our robots can be used for vessels of all shapes and sizes, of whatever material: magnetic, non-magnetic or glass lined. With the latest addition to our V-series – the ​V1200​ – it is now possible to conduct NDT testing​ ​and scanning in even the smallest vessels.

Robotic inspection

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How our crawler robots are supporting
our clients in the pharmaceuticals industry

Safer operations

Safety is one of the most important requirements in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our robots help you avoid confined space entry and working at heights, making it the safest inspection solution.

Making access to vessels
easy and fast

With an exceptionally short set-up time, our crawler robots provide you with a critical understanding of your equipment – quickly and affordably. Minimize downtime and resume production much faster than when using conventional inspection methods.

Highly accurate and repeatable

Advanced localization technology maps precisely where a robot has been and pinpoints and marks all detected defects. All inspection results are repeatable.

inspection platform

Customize our robotic platforms for the best solution and outcomes. We collaborate with you to fit the robotic platform with advanced ​NDT technologies​ that fully meet your inspection requirements.

CASE STUDY pharmaceuticals industry

Pharmaceutical pressure vessels

3 step process

The 3 steps in robotic asset inspections


Inspection engineer and plant manager /operator decide on what ​NDT technology​ is needed for inspection of your assets. The robot is fitted with the required Industry-compliant inspection technology.


Multi-tech crawler robot​ (attached to an umbilical cord) enters confined space or scales an asset’s surface for inspection.


Real-time viewing by inspection engineer of inspection findings for immediate action. Highly accurate localization and marking of defects for follow-up. ​Full digital report​ provides a clear insight into asset health.

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