Onshore or offshore, wind turbine blades are subject to wear and tear by things as diverse as mechanical stress and bird- and lightning strikes. Hazardous rope access techniques or weather-dependent drones are the most common ways to carry out visual inspections.

Our highly accurate ​V-, M- and H-series robotic inspection platforms​ offer wind farm operators and inspection companies state-of-the-art, safe and cost-effective multi-technology, non-destructive inspection solutions.

Safer working conditions

The advanced and patented vacuum technology of our robotic inspection platforms enable them to scale any turbine, whatever the height and in most weather conditions. Inspection engineers stay safely on the ground while the crawler robot moves agilely to the very top of the wind turbine and its blades.

Best-in-class visual, testing and sensor technology

Our robot is a modular NDT inspection tool that can be customized to the scope of your inspection tasks. Whether it is for commissioning or scheduled maintenance inspections, due diligence assessments, fault detection or an emergency inspection, add the ​NDT technology​ that does the job best and in line with your requirements and industry standards.

Maximize uptime

Instead of having a whole team to carry out an inspection, this can be done by just one inspection engineer and the remote-controlled robot. Cost-effective and efficient, robotic inspection requires less preparation time and minimizes downtime.

Maximize asset health

Real-time reporting of inspection findings enables immediate action to be taken if a critical defect is detected. A comprehensive ​digital report​ provides the replicable data you need to support your maintenance programme and keep your turbines in prime working condition for longer.

The benefits of robotic inspections

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3 step process

The 3 steps in robotic asset inspections


Inspection engineer and plant manager /operator decide on what ​NDT technology​ is needed for inspection of your assets. The robot is fitted with the required Industry-compliant inspection technology.


Multi-tech crawler robot​ (attached to an umbilical cord) enters confined space or scales an asset’s surface for inspection.


Real-time viewing by inspection engineer of inspection findings for immediate action. Highly accurate localization and marking of defects for follow-up. ​Full digital report​ provides a clear insight into asset health.

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