An Energetic Robot

Thanks to crawler technology, our robot can go almost anywhere. It’s applicable to a wide range of materials and surface conditions, including composites such as Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) and Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP). Combine this with its payload carrying capacity and you can understand why we’re talking about a winner. Ideally suited to eliminate the hazards associated with the necessary and frequent assessments of wind turbine blades.

Robotic inspection

The global asset base of turbines is aging, and many turbines are approaching the end of their rated life. This could lead to unnecessary downtime. Aged blades must be regularly inspected for defects caused by mechanical stresses, bird strikes and lightning strikes. These inspections are mainly visual and traditionally performed using rope access techniques. Not only dangerous but also time consuming work.

So, let our robot do the job! Our robotic crawler can perform these inspections perfectly to a standard meeting or even exceeding the current one. A wind turbine operator incurs significant cost when a turbine is out of action. Largely due to the cost of recycling composite blade material. Invert Robotics can save you all these hassles and deliver double benefits; increasing the profitable lifetime of the asset whilst delaying the expensive out of order process.

4 step process

Way of working


Determine Inspection Programme

We work together with anyone in any company. We start with establishing the inspection parameters with quality control and maintenance departments. From there, we create an inspection programme tailored to your specific requirements. And of course, we comply with the equipment audit and defect acceptance criteria.


Top of the bill

Only 15 minutes setup time provide you with an efficient and effective inspection of mission-critical assets. Without risk of contamination. Highly qualified technicians will increase the safety of your people by using our most up-to-date robot to perform the inspection.


Your eyes. Everywhere.

Never miss a spot and take advantage of technology. We use the robots’ high definition camera to photograph and prioritize all imperfections and defects for you. This provides you with insights into the defect that requires immediate attention. The defect marker makes it easy to trace defects that need repairing. The team can even set up most repairs for you.


Data, Results and Reports

We provide an immediate preliminary report on the day of inspection. And within 72 hours of the inspection, you receive a final report with all the necessary components. We’ll summarize defect locations and descriptions for each defect so you have an extensive overview for better optimum scientific results.

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