What we stand for

At Invert Robotics, we are guided by a fundamental principle: no human should have to enter a confined space for inspections when a safe, more precise, and efficient method exists.  Our NDT robots redefine industrial inspections by providing maximum safety, accuracy, and efficiency. We regard the adoption of technologies like ours as a moral obligation, especially where conventional methods are lacking and pose risks to human safety in confined, hazardous areas.

Our conviction is driven by the sobering reality that every year, 400-500 fatal accidents occur among individuals performing similar inspections.

Our commitment is to protect people, preserve assets, and optimize operational uptime, the three elementary priorities of each and any industrial inspection that cannot be overlooked.

Our actions, represented in a track record of over 3,000 successful robotic inspections globally, highlight our ability to deliver on these priorities. Invert Robotics’ approach significantly reduces the time assets are out of commission, often completing inspections in hours instead of days, and thus saving tens of thousands of euros daily. We believe in providing solutions that do not compromise on safety, accuracy, or efficiency—choosing all and compromising none.

What we do

Invert Robotics designs and manufactures state-of-the-art NDT robotic inspection crawler platforms. Our robots are used by OEMS, production and inspection companies in the food production, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and energy industries worldwide. Leveraging our patented technology, we also deliver remote robotic inspection services.

Invert Robotics started as a spin-off from the University of Canterbury’s School of Engineering in Christchurch, New Zealand. Here we developed the world’s first climbing robot which was capable of climbing on stainless steel. We achieved early success within the New Zealand dairy tank inspection market, and investment and recognition were quick to follow.

Strengthened by strong customer feedback and venture capital backing, Invert Robotics took its services to the world. We now provide our robotic technology for safe inspection services to hundreds of industrial sites, fulfilling thousands of tank inspections, from our offices in Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, France, New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

Our journey

  • 2023

    Launching the magnetic M1000! This unique robotic platform has the technology to climb on ferromagnetic coated surfaces and is particularly well suited for carbon steel assets.

  • 2022

    We are now a proud member of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) and Invert Robotics also opened a second office in Germany.

  • 2021

  • 2020

    Expansion into Ireland. Invert Robotics' headquarters is now based in Dublin.

  • 2020

    Record breaking financial results

  • 2019

    Expansion into France and USA

  • 2018

    Invert Robotics named a winner at AkzoNobel Imagine Chemistry Competition
  • 2018

    Expansion into Australia and Germany
  • 2016

    Opened first location in the Netherlands
  • 2016

    Invert named one of the Ten Most Promising Early Stage Companies at the New Zealand TIN100 Awards

  • 2016

    Invert named Champion Small Manufacturer at Canterbury Champion Awards
  • 2012

    Invert wins ANZ Flying Start Supreme Award

  • 2012

    Invert Robotics named Start-Up of the Year at New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards

Our values

Safe, Acurate & Efficient

We focus on providing state-of-the-art solutions for safe, acurate & efficient asset inspection.


We work in close collaboration with our clients to achieve better outcomes and to provide you with customized NDT solutions that help maximize asset integrity.


Each and every day, we strive to make great robotic technologies even better.

Management Team

Neil Fletcher


For more than 25 years Neil has worked across the globe and is highly experienced in commercialising technology, the last 12 years spent growing technology companies and delivering shareholder value. Neil has overseen the growth and sale of his previous two companies. Neil has been with Invert Robotics since 2016 and has driven the company to develop and grow its market position, expanding the business on a global scale and raised significant investment capital. Neil is responsible for delivering the company’s strategic vision and goals. Neil has worked in international technology companies Motorola, AlcatelLucent and has a B.Sc. (Hons) and MBA (Entrepreneurship & Innovation) from Imperial College, London.

Timothy Black

Chief Technology &
Information Officer

Tim is passionate about robotics and their application in the inspection and maintenance domain. For the past 18 years he has been working, managing, and coordinating multidisciplinary, multi-group research and industry projects across different sectors including aerospace, defence, manufacturing, and biotechnology. For the past 7 years he been developing cutting edge innovations for industry, EU projects, and managing solutions for inspection and maintenance, NDT, and Oil and Gas robotics. Tim will lead the development and execution of the companywide technology and innovation strategy, drive innovation and new product and technology enabled service concepts, to meet the future demands and desires of existing and potential clients and markets. Tim holds a holds a PhD in Robotics, and a Bachelor’s in Engineering (Hons) also in Robotics.

Esmer Dukul

General Manager

Esmer comes from a background of international Marketing, Sales and Operations. She is an all-round business developer and people manager, skilled in defining strategy, making action plans and delivery. She is energised by building and optimizing business in a dynamic and ambitious environment and is passionate about creating a positive team spirit. Esmer encourages her team to challenge each other in order to grow and achieve their own goals. She is responsible for integrating our sales and inspection services departments and thereby providing our client partnerships with safer and faster robotic inspections. Esmer holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the Erasmus University School of Economics, Rotterdam.

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