Tailored Services

Fits like a glove

Every client is unique and so is the approach of our Rapid Response Team. What do they have in common? Both our clients and Rapid Response Team are working at the top level, Just like our robot! Within a tight timeframe we can develop a tailored solution to your individual challenge.

All these characteristics have made our robot an ideal inspection platform for many companies;

Within one month Invert Robotics developed a specially adapted crawler inspection platform to obtain 3D scan data. This eliminated the necessity to enter a high risk confined space area below a 250,000 tonne iron ore stockpile.

It also allowed us to use PEC probes to scan aluminum clad storage vessels for a Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) research programme.

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Services we provide


Remote Visual Inspection

Our robotic inspections can detect defects in your critical production assets. Read more to learn about how this can affect the quality of your products, safety of your people and increased results for your business.

Ultrasonic Testing

Our robot measures the remaining wall thickness of a wide range of your assets.

Instant Repair Service

Detecting a problem is one thing, solving it is everything. That’s why we immediately take care of necessary repair works as identified in the inspection. Did we already tell you that we’ll never let you down?

Sustainable leasing

Leasing is the new possession. Professional users of inspection equipment, both plant owners and inspection companies, can take advantage of leasing our robot and let us train your staff in their use. Welcome to the new world.