Compliance, safety and cost reduction are key drivers in the chemical industry. Our high-tech, robust and versatile robotic crawlers are enabling clients to maximize their performance in all three areas.

Partnering with international inspection companies, we conduct industry-certified, non-destructive and testing inspections on your assets according to EEMUA and API standards.

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How our crawler robots are supporting
our clients in the chemical industry

Certified inspections

We work in close collaboration with ​certified​ international inspection companies. Our robots operate in compliance with all legal industry requirements.

Minimising health and safety risks

Boost employee safety. Our remote inspection technology is a highly accurate method for inspecting confined spaces, without requiring human entry.

Multi-technology robotic inspection platform

Whether it is for visual inspections, UT measurements, spark tests or a 3D-scan to measure the pitting in a vessel, our robotic platforms are fully customizable to carry almost any ​NDT technology​.

Any surface

Whatever the smooth surface to be inspected, our robots do the job. They have been specifically designed to leave no marks on damage-susceptible surfaces such as glass, rubber or plastic lined vessels, guaranteed.

Real-time inspection and repair

Keeping your critical assets up and running at all times is paramount. You know how important it is to act immediately on any detected corrosion- or stress-related fractures. Real-time streaming of data enables same or next-day repairs.

Improve understanding of asset life

Make informed decisions to optimize productivity and identify work required to sustain asset operations over time. Share inspection insights and asset maintenance issues from the comprehensive ​digital report​ with engineering and operations.


Certifying the Pressure
Reaction Vessels

Combined NDT inspection

3 step process

The 3 steps in robotic asset inspections


Inspection engineer and plant manager /operator decide on what ​NDT technology​ is needed for inspection of your assets. The robot is fitted with the required Industry-compliant inspection technology.


Multi-tech crawler robot​ (attached to an umbilical cord) enters confined space or scales an asset’s surface for inspection.


Real-time viewing by inspection engineer of inspection findings for immediate action. Highly accurate localization and marking of defects for follow-up. ​Full digital report​ provides a clear insight into asset health.

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