Actual results from all data

The data we provide, combined with the 360º pictures, will give you the most complete picture of the status of your equipment and all vessel features. We can even provide you with a live video feed. The video will also be recorded for later analysis. We will find any defects or fouling issues with residue. You’ll get a direct interim report and a final report within 72 hours.

Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection Services


Multiple redundant adhesion systems make the system safe at all times, even during power loss.


The system can be readily transported as air freight. This will minimise costs and increase speed.


The system is controlled remotely from a safe location. Eliminating all hazards to the operator.


While the world is changing rapidly, you’ll get the same inspection each and every time with our robot.

Services we provide

Remote Visual Inspection

Ultrasonic Testing

Tailored Services