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Invert Robotics provides non-destructive inspection services using in-house, state of the art mobile climbing robots. Invert’s climbing robots enable precise and accurate remote inspection of non-ferromagnetic surfaces such as stainless steel, carbon fibre, aluminium and glass.

Invert delivers inspection services globally in the dairy, food and beverage, aviation, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas industries.

Robotics Driven Inspections

Invert’s cutting-edge robotic technology displaces traditional error prone and time consuming manual inspection methods.

Remote inspection of critical assets using Invert’s mobile robots is efficient and safe, and delivers consistent, measurable results.

Invert robots are fully customisable, providing site specific solutions that meet client needs as and when they arise.

Invert’s services are completely independent, meaning there is no disruption to the client’s existing repair procurement and implementation processes.

Our Inspection Services

Our modular technology and cutting edge design and manufacture processes makes for fast turnaround of site specific inspection solutions.
If you have safety concerns with your existing test method and would like a free demonstration please contact us.

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