Safer than ever

Robotic non-destructive
inspection services

All companies have mission critical assets. Dirty and dangerous work is everywhere. The way you handle it makes you unique. Have you ever considered an opportunity where a robot can do the work for you? We don’t say ‘the future is here’, but to be honest… 

With our robotic solution for non-destructive inspection services, we are laying a claim to the future of robotic inspections, especially for companies in one of our focus groups: Food Production, Chemicals, Aviation and Energy.

visual inspections
on all smooth surfaces

By using technology, we can perform tasks remotely and eliminate the risks involved in working in confined and hazardous spaces. We offer visual inspections on all smooth surfaces. Fast, safe and friendly. Fixed by a unique robot and some very special and specialized teams.

Let’s meet the robot.

Robotic inspection


Your Eyes. Everywhere.

Although we love to talk in numbers… Our own analytical accuracy is nothing compared to the robotic power we offer. Our remote robot can even outperform human inspection methods to identify defects as small as 1/16-mm. That literally looks like nothing to the naked eye.

Won't let you down

Your critical production assets must be up and running. That’s why we get them back into operation as soon as possible. It’s true that this will be even safer than any conventional inspection method offered to you. We can confirm that it is!

Robotic inspection

Measure and repeat

The location measurements we take allow us to provide a repeatable and consistent service, year on year. We can even track how a defect progresses over time. This will make inspection services to your company more efficient and safer. Based on the latest technology, Invert Robotics will always operate at this top level.

Safety First

Safety always comes first. We minimize the risk of contamination and unnecessarily unsafe situations in your company. Together with a team of qualified operators, our robot will take care of all inspections inside confined spaces.

Real time results

Your company deserves transparency with clarity and quick results. We make them available in real time. Even while the inspection is still taking place. The full assessment report, including marked defect locations and images, will be provided within 72 hours of the inspection.

According to current stats:
Reports made
Repairs made
Different assets

"Cutting edge
up-to-date technology
for remote and
robotic inspection"

James robertson - Chief Technology Officer

Services we provide


Remote Visual Inspection

Our robotic inspections can detect defects in your critical production assets. Read more to learn about how this can affect the quality of your products, safety of your people and increased results for your business.

Ultrasonic Testing

Our robot measures the remaining wall thickness of a wide range of your assets.

Instant Repair Service

Detecting a problem is one thing, solving it is everything. That’s why we immediately take care of necessary repair works as identified in the inspection. Did we already tell you that we’ll never let you down?

Tailored Team work

Let us introduce you to our Rapid Response Team; specialists who are passionate in developing tailor-made solutions. We work for leading worldwide companies and specialise in being reactive and proactive with a fast turnaround.

Sustainable leasing

Leasing is the new possession. Professional users of inspection equipment, both plant owners and inspection companies, can take advantage of leasing our robot and let us train your staff in their use. Welcome to the new world.