Certifying the Pressure Reaction Vessels

Leave the internal inspection to the robots!

The mandatory periodical re-certification of the pressurised reaction line requires internal visual inspection of the vessels. Invert Robotics provided the camera and the robot so the inspection company could avoid confined space entry.

In Western Germany, close to the border with Holland, stands a chemical plant that manufactures synthetic resins. Part of a global chemical giant, this facility specializes in batch production of over 200 different products.

That requires numerous reaction vessel lines. And making sure that these vessels are conform to both European Directive EN 13445 as well as to the German code AD 2000 is the regular job of the inspection company which in this case is also the Notified Body.

Part of the inspection requirements is an internal visual inspection of the pressure reaction vessels to exacting legal standards. Invert Robotics HD Camera system easily meets and exceeds all these requirements. Tested and validated by several inspection companies and notified bodies, our visual system has been accepted for these inspections.

That is why these vessels have now for the third year running been inspected by Invert’s remote camera system. Efficiently, thoroughly and avoiding all confined space access.

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Technical Information

  • Vessel type Pressure reaction vessel
  • Vessel size Ø: 2.7m
  • Vessel material Stainless Steel
  • Robot platform V1800/V1200
  • NDT Full HD @ 30fps

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