The advantage of leasing

We all strive for safety, efficiency and the latest innovations. Whether you are an inspection and maintenance manager of a plant or an operations manager. These elements are uppermost in our minds. This field has never been more dynamic and relevant than today. Advances in technology, software and applications are moving faster than light. Regularly retraining your staff is costly and time consuming.

That’s why we proudly provide the opportunity to lease our state-of-the-art robot, including hardware and software upgrades and periodic refresher courses for your team. Get in touch, so we, together, can find the best and most sustainable ways to robotize your company!

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Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection Services

Services we provide


Remote Visual Inspection

Our robotic inspections can detect defects in your critical production assets. Read more to learn about how this can affect the quality of your products, safety of your people and increased results for your business.

Ultrasonic Testing

Our robot measures the remaining wall thickness of a wide range of your assets.

Instant Repair Service

Detecting a problem is one thing, solving it is everything. That’s why we immediately take care of necessary repair works as identified in the inspection. Did we already tell you that we’ll never let you down?

Tailored Team work

Let us introduce you to our Rapid Response Team; specialists who are passionate in developing tailor-made solutions. We work for leading worldwide companies and specialise in being reactive and proactive with a fast turnaround.