Beer brewery

Contamination and corrosion in a CO2 vessel.

How leading breweries are making their asset inspection safer and faster As in all production processes, employee safety is paramount in the beer brewing process. It’s why a global market leader now has tank inspections carried out by a crawler robot. In doing so they are minimising the need for hazardous entry into confined spaces […]

Pharmaceutical pressure vessels

Robotic inspection

Measuring pitting the safe and fast way In the pharmaceutical industry everything revolves around safety and compliance. A global pharmaceutical company with over 60 pressure vessels of varying sizes on their Asian ma- nufacturing site was looking for an asset inspection solution that would minimise downtime, without compromising on safety or compliance. With vessels requiring […]

Certifying the Pressure Reaction Vessels

Leave the internal inspection to the robots! The mandatory periodical re-certification of the pressurised reaction line requires internal visual inspection of the vessels. Invert Robotics provided the camera and the robot so the inspection company could avoid confined space entry. In Western Germany, close to the border with Holland, stands a chemical plant that manufactures […]